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About us

Geniki Taxydromiki is a business organization dedicated to providing postal services in Greece and abroad. It was founded in 1994 by the pioneers of courier service in Greece and holds the EETT 99149 General License of Postal Services and ISO 9001: 2015 certification. In 2017, it was certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and for the "Transport and distribution of medicines within 24-48 hours, at controlled temperature".

Geniki Taxydromiki is a purely Greek company that offers courier services primarily to the business sector as well as to private individuals, based on its  human resources and the trust of its customers.

Geniki Taxydromiki  has a network of over 260 stores in Greece, 5 in Cyprus, 10 in Bulgaria and 1 in Romania, 1 in North Macedonia and 1 in Albania. • It employs about 3,500 people (more than 1,370 in the parent company and approximately 2,130 in its affiliate network).

Geniki Taxydromiki offers specialized courier services combining reliability and speed in land – sea – air transport

  • with additional services of high added value covering the transfer of documents and goods (Cash On Delivery, protocol details, purchasing orders, deposit of tender documents, special projects - return of signed documents/applications, cheque on delivery service, etc.)
  • in a delivery time that can be set by the sender (morning delivery, Saturday delivery, next day delivery in remote areas, etc.)
  • offering a wide range of packages and packaging material for the safe transport of postal items.

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The company in numbers


In Greece:
    -Athens: HQ, central offices and main hub (30.000 sq.m.)
    -Thessaloniki: Offices and North Greece hub (30.000 sq.m.)
    -6 regional hubs (with a total area of 4.000 sq.m.)
    -Network of approx.350 offices (with +70 branch offices)

In Cyprus:
    -Nicosia: HQ & central offices
    -Larnaca: Main hub
    -Network of 6 offices (Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Paralimni,Latsia)

In Bulgaria:
    -Sandanski: HQ, central offices & hub
    -Network of 10 offices (Sofia, Sandanski, Petrich, Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Burgas)
    -Logistics Center in Petrich

In Romania:
    -Bucharest: Hub for shipments

In North Macedonia:
-(1) Shop in Gevgelija -Skopje: Hub for shipments

In Albania:
-(1) Tirana: Central Office and Hub for shipments

All of our stores are equipped with an innovative photo-weight system that we have developed to fully control and record EVERY shipment from delivery to delivery.

The vehicle fleet
Our vehicle fleet is made up of about 426 private trucks, 77 public trucks and 654 scooters, on top of our partners


We distribute over 80.000 shipments daily with a total weight exceeding 172 tons.

Out of which:

  • About 5.700 shipments per day are sent by retail customers.
  • About 74.300 shipments per day are sent by  business customers.
  • At least 48% of the total shipments, 38.400 shipments per day, are sent using our "Cash On Delivery" service (daily turnover exceeds 2,5 million €).


2016: Development of Geniki Taxydromiki network in Bulgaria with 3 offices and introduction of the “Cash on Delivery” service. Establishment of new offices in Cyprus. 

2015: Improvements in infrastructure, transportation tools and vehicles, corporate appearance, design and implementation of innovative solutions. Introduction of new low-cost service "Cargo Cyprus". Connection between Attica region and Cyprus in 1 working day. Design, development and distribution of 3 new types of packaging post boxes. Renewal of the corporate appearance of the offices and vehicles. Increase of the corporate fleet by the addition of 15 new vans. Introduction of the action “We support the actions addressing the Humanitarian Crisis” through which free-of-charge shipping is offered for deliveries to social institutions in Greece.

2014: Introduction of the services “Cash On Delivery”, “Cheque on Delivery” and “Purchase Order” from/to the Cypriot market.

2013: Redesign of the network of offices with the establishment of 6 strategic branch offices in order to enhance the company’s position.

2012: Εxpansion of the offices network and focus on maintaining the high quality services.

2011: The “Cash On Delivery” service becomes available for cargo shipments, for same day delivery shipments and shipments to Cyprus. Expansion of the network with 50 new offices. Reduction of most of the areas characterized as “Remote”.

2010: Introduction of new service for international cargo shipments. Design, development and distribution of 8 different types of packaging post boxes for safe and low cost shipping. Geniki Taxydromiki provides to the end customer 3 different packages containing basic nutrition products by Greek producers, through the “anti-crisis” service “ebloko packet”.

2009: Establishment of 9 new branch offices in the region of Attica and 5 more is the rest of Greece in order to enforce the growth model of the company's office network. Introduction of the new service “Mass Distribution” and announcement of new pricelists. Introduction of the "Cash On Delivery" service with cash deposit within 3-4 days upon delivery. Gradual reduction of the areas characterized as “Remote”.

2008: Renewal of the management team by adding young people (under 30 years old), with high scientific credentials. Creation of a new management team with the appropriate mix of skills, scientific knowledge and experience for the future growth of the company over the next decades.

2007: In house software development for administrating and supervising the company’s internal processes and measuring the effective implementation of the corporate goals. Usage of 2.700 BlackBerry devices for shipment data entry and real time tracking.

2006: Strategic collaboration with an enterprise in Bulgaria for postal services from and to Bulgaria, including the training of the local staff. Usage of the term "guaranteed" service without additional charges for the customer.

2005: Establishment of a branch office in Düsseldorf, Germany to function as a hub for international shipments coming from Greece. Strategic collaboration with an enterprise in Cyprus for postal services from and to Cyprus.

2004: Re-organization and expansion of its postal network with more than 200 offices in Greece.

1994: Foundation of Geniki Taxydromiki.