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Η 1η Online Πλατφόρμα ΔΩΡΕΑΝ Προβολής & Συνδυασμένης Μεταφοράς Προϊόντων

Return to ... "normality"

The diligent, tireless around the clock work of Geniki Taxydromiki's staff made it possible to decongest the whole system from accumulated shipments that almost uncontrollably "bombarded" it for a week.

As it has already been announced Geniki Taxydromiki has, in the midst of the pandemic conditions, improved its infrastructure so that it can manage volumes increased by about 60% compared to the previous period. This is practically translated to a capacity of about 150.000 shipments on a daily basis. Geniki Taxydromiki's customers expect [and rightly so] that their shipments will be delivered in 24 to 48 hours [depending on destination] and not just "whenever".

So as of today 09/12/20 our services " re-open ", always with a good pre-arrangement in order to avoid another bottleneck and to be able to deliver our shipments at the expected date and time, while maintaining priority over deliveries of individual users [including our vip service] for which no prior arrangement is required.