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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a shipment?

You can make an Online Order here or you can call one of our stores to come and get your shipment. Otherwise, you can visit one of our locations. Visit our locations page to find a store.

How can I find the phone number of an office or the closest office to me?

At the Offices page you can find information for each of our locations and at the find nearest office page you can find the location closest to you.

In how many days is a shipment being delivered?

The default delivery day for each shipment is the next working day from the pickup day. For some remote areas or island destinations the delivery time can take 24 or 48 hours more. For additional information you can visit the Delivery Date Calculator.

Shipments within Cyprus

Shipments within Cyprus are delivered the next working day.

Shipments within Bulgaria

Shipments within Zone 1* are delivered in 1-2 working days. For shipments within Zone 2* the delivery time is between 1 – 3 working days.

* For additional information about Bulgaria Zones you can visit the page “Services in Bulgaria”.

Shipments within North Macedonia

For shipments within Zone 1 and Zone 2* the delivery time is between 1 – 2 working days.

* For additional information about North Macedonia Zones you can visit the page “Services in North Macedonia”.

Shipments within Albania

For shipments within Zone 1 and Zone 2* the delivery time is between 1 – 2 working days.

* For additional information about Albania Zones you can visit the page “Services in Albania”.

How can I know the cost of my shipment?

You can use the form which is supplied in the Cost Calculator page to calculate the cost of your shipment.

Otherwise, you can refer to the corresponding Pricelist of the country you are interested in by visiting the page “Pricelists”, in order to calculate the cost of your shipment.

For additional information in relation to our services visit our “Services in Greece”, “Services in Cyprus”, “Services in Bulgaria”, “Services in North Macedonia” and “Services in Albania” page.

How can I create an on credit account with Geniki Taxydromiki?

You can contact one of our offices for additional information.

How can I track my shipment?

You can use the track your shipment page to see the state of your shipment. Otherwise, you can contact with the appropriate store.

Are there any goods whose transportation is prohibited?

Visit the page Goods whose transport is prohibited as well as the Transport of Goods allowed only under specific terms page.

Are there any terms and condition for transhiping with Geniki Taxydromiki?

At the terms and condition page you can see all the terms and conditions that Geniki Taxydromiki conforms with.

How can I insure my shipment?

All domestic and international shipments are automaticaly insured without extra charges up to 70,00€ for documents and up to 400,00€ for packages. For domestic shipments worth more than 400,00€ there is the possibility for additional assurance. The additional cost is equal to 0,6% of the reported value of the transported object. In order for any compensation to be claimed, documentation proving the value of the object before VAT and commercial profit is required. For any insurance requests for shipments with declared value of over 3.000€ prior arrangements with our local office are required.

How can I make a statement of complaint in case my shipment is not delivered or is delivered damaged?

You have to contact with the appropriate store of service and give them the tracking number of your shipment. In case there is a request for remuneration, it needs to be stated in a 20-day period from the pickup day.

I want to send a shipment with the cash on delivery service. How will I get my money?

The amount of the cash on delivery shipment is deposited in the bank account that you have indicated at the pickup of your shipment. After the delivery of your shipment, the order for the deposit of your money will be given to the bank for the amount of cash on delivery minus any charges the bank might impose.

How is the weight of a shipment calculated?

The weight of a shipment is defined by its actual weight and its volumetric weight. According to the IATA regulations, the charge of each shipment depends on its volume and its weight. In case the value of the volumetric weight (length x width x height) is greater that its actual weight, the charge of the shipment depends on the volumetric weight. You can use the volumetric weight page to calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment.