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Delay in shipping of Trikala (ΤΡ) and Karditsa (ΚΑ) stores

Delay in shipping of Trikala (ΤΡ) and Karditsa (ΚΑ) stores)
Following the order of the Civil Protection, the Municipalities of the Regional Units of Karditsa and Trikala are placed in a state of special mobilization and the operation of commercial shops and public services has been temporarily suspended. Geniki Taxydromiki shops remain open with priority service for essential items (medicines, food, etc.). As a result, delays of up to 48 hours will be observed in the delivery-receipt of consignments of the Trikala (ΤΡ) and Karditsa (KA) stores. All the necessary measures have been taken by Geniki Taxydromiki and for any change an informative announcement will be issued again.