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Geniki Taxydromiki & eBay

Geniki Taxydromiki anticipating the need of Hellenic e-shops to expand their activities outside of Hellas, proceeded in the strategic partnership with eBay, supporting the development of of its customers in the countries of the European Union.

Through this important collaboration, new "roads" are opened and future growth prospects for Hellenic e-shops, since now, they have the ability to reach millions of potential customers buyers in Europe. Creating their own eBay Store, through the eBay Development Program and taking advantage of it GTEEC service of Geniki Taxydromiki ensures:

Complete shipment tracking

Competitive prices and delivery times

Personal training from eBay experts for targeted sales and product marketing

Safe environment for your financial transactions

eBay is one of the largest marketplaces with 133m. active buyers worldwide in 190 markets.

Now with the guaranteed quality of Geniki Taxydromiki, it is the right time to see your products traveling all over the the European Union!

Take advantage of the great growth opportunity that eBay and the Geniki Taxydromiki offers you, with the GTEEC service.