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New impoved GTeShops 19/02/2020

New Refurbished GTeShops

As of November 26, 2019 the new GTeShops site has been updated! The site features state-of-the-art features that serve the end consumer as well as the associated vendors (Geniki Taxydormiki customers). It is the first online platform for Free promotion and combined shipping which is provided free of charge to all Geniki Taxydromiki customers, both online and offline.
Through the platform they can view - market their products with zero participation, zero cost of product development and zero commission on the shopping cart. Suppliers can, inter alia, handle their product catalog, control and process their orders, as well as monitor useful statistics through a state of the art technology and aesthetics with fully automated processes.
At GTeShops the consumer will find a wide range of products from different commercial sectors and of course the ability to add products from different stores across Greece to a shopping cart by receiving in one shipment (combined shipment) at a shipping cost, saving time and money