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Price adjustment 01-02-2024

Dear customers,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your preference for Geniki Taxydromiki in its 30-year history in the courier industry.

The last two years, the significant and sharp increases in the prices of energy, fuel and transportation costs have forced the companies in the sector and our suppliers to constant price increases.

Our first concern at Geniki Taxydromiki was to absorb all these price increases in such a way that the prices of our services were not subsequently affected for this entire period of time and at the same time to maintain them at the known high level.
That is why our pricing policy has not changed in the last ten years, in contrast to market prices (competitive and non-competitive).
At the end of March 2022 we introduced a fuel surcharge of 8% on cash and credit invoices to cover some of the extraordinary costs.
Despite the fact that we have absorbed most of the rising costs, we are nevertheless obliged to proceed with a price adjustment by incorporating the surcharge in the price list and the resulting prices are adjusted plus 7% for our services within mainland Greece and plus 14% for shipments to island destinations.

This change will be effective from 1/02/24.

With this price adjustment, the fuel surcharge automatically ceases to apply.

Our primary goal in this difficult period is to remain fully satisfying your needs with an emphasis on competitiveness combined with maintaining high levels of service and availability of our services and the introduction of new technologies.

At Geniki Taxydromiki, our commitment to reliable and always on-time deliveries remains strong.