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Provision of humanitarian aid to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria 08-02-2023

The recent earthquake in neighboring Turkey and Syria caused tragic consequences for millions of inhabitants of the earthquake affected areas. Many agencies (in our country) have already been mobilized in the task of gathering and sending humanitarian aid.

Geniki Taxydromiki always has the "free delivery of humanitarian aid" program active, which started in 2015. In this context, it should be communicated by any suitable means that, in any branch of the General Post nationwide, any citizen (natural person) can deliver a humanitarian aid package with basic necessities so that it can be transported free of charge to the organization he has chosen.

Attention, on each package must be written:

1. The full details of the organization to which it is addressed (and even better contact person, if there is one).

2. Brief description of content.

Particular attention is required to ensure that the packaging of the packages is suitable for transport and of course to exclude packages when they obviously contain perishable products.