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Provision of humanitarian aid to flood victims in Thessaly 12-09-2023

The recent floods in Thessaly have created enormous problems in the infrastructure of the affected areas with tragic consequences for its inhabitants.

Geniki Taxydromiki always has the "free delivery of humanitarian aid" program active, which was launched in 2015. In this context, every citizen (natural person) can deliver to any branch of the Geniki Taxydromiki network nationwide a package of humanitarian aid with essential items ( long-lasting food, bedding, clothes, socks, shoes, personal hygiene items, baby items, wet wipes, adult diapers, liquid antiseptics, mosquito repellents, lenses, batteries, etc.) so that it can be transported free of charge to the carrier he has chosen.

Attention, on each package must be written:

      1. The full details of the organization to which it is addressed (and even better contact person and contact phone number, if available).

      2. Brief description of content.

Special attention is required so that the packaging of the packages is suitable for transport.