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Same Day Delivery Services in Greece

Same day within city

Same day delivery in one to three hours within the same city. 
Requires arrangement with our office in advance.

For the same day service within Attica & Thessaloniki regions the delivery time varies according to the geographical zone of collection / delivery. For more information please be advised by our Domestic Pricelist.


Same day with Express Service

Delivery of the shipment in half the time of the basic Same Day within City service. The express service is available for same day deliveries within Attica & Thessaloniki regions. 


Same day between main cities

Same day delivery from city to city. Requires arrangement with our office in advance.

Same day delivery with Cash on Delivery or Cheque Collection

Same day delivery with Cash On Delivery or Cheque Collection service. The COD amount is deposited in your bank account the next working day. Maximum amount of cash on delivery 2.000€.

Same day Purchase Order

We undertake to buy on your behalf the object that you wish and to deliver it to your place on the same day. The service requires the pre-collection of money from the assignee for values over 50€.

Same day Protocol Number Collection

Same day delivery to public institutions and simultaneous collection of protocol number. The sender is immediatelly notified with the protocol number by SMS.