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Service restrictions due to Covid-19

Due to the unforeseen and prolonged operation suspension of the retail stores and the completely unbalanced forecast regarding the time of their reopening have created immense pressure in all transport networks. This pressure is expected to intensify during the upcoming days because of the Christmas Holiday, since, traditionally, this period creates a spike in retail sales, which under the current lockdown measures are in their entirety online orders meant to be delivered via courier services.

In Geniki Taxydromiki we have timely created the necessary infrastructure so that we can process volumes up to 60% increased compared to the expected  normal period. Nevertheless, the pressure exerted by the market already exceeds these measures with the immediate occurence of dysfunctional phenomena [delays, errors, losses, complaints, etc.]. It is not insignificant to point out that in not a few cases there is a complete lack of understanding by users [senders or recipients], a weakness associated with the completely wrong [and clearly underestimated] view of the specific service that is the main business object of Geniki Taxydromiki.

Under these circumstances and for the duration of this abnormal situation, we are obliged to take some measures so that, on one hand, we will be able to maintain a good level of service as Geniki Taxydromiki and on the other hand, the people working in Geniki Taxydromiki can work as humanely as possible.

In this context:

1. all additional services are suspended immediately except for the basic service either singular shipments or cash on delivery [suspended services being, Saturday delivery, delivery in Inaccessible, etc.]

2. The new "VIP shipment" service can be used for any emergency [attention! It has increased costs, is provided in a specific area and has limited capabilities] created just for such cases.